IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) 12" ALBUM VINYL


Collectors information & Description:

This particular release of "Live After Death" (so called EU release) can be identified by the "Right Society" text "Gema/Stemra" is printed at the bottom of label (above 6 o'clock. Other "EU" releases of this album have the "Right Society Gema/Stemra" printed on the label just below the catalog at 3 o'clock position.

This album "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (DE)" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Gatefold (FOC) cover design with artwork / photos on the inside cover pages

Live After Death is a live album a by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, originally released in October 1985 on EMI in Europe

 Collector's attributes: This section contains detailed information to be able to uniquely identify this particular version/release of the album Live After Death 2LP
 Album cover design:

Gatefold (FOC) album cover includes a 8-page (12") booklet with tour dates and photos of Iron Maiden on Stage.
This album also includes original (custom) inner sleeves with many photos of Iron Maiden on-stage and off-stage , as well as lyrics of the songs

 Cover spine:


162 24 0426 3

 Album back cover




 Top right corner:

1C 2LP 162 24 0426 3
1C 2MC 298 24 0426 5


 Bottom left corner:

LC 0542
EMI-logo EMI Records Ltd
Marketed, Manufactured and distributed by EMI
Printed in Holland by EMI Services Benelux B.V., Uden


 Bottom right corner:

1985 Original Sound Recordings made by EMI Records Ltd.
1985 Iron Maiden (Holdings) Ltd


The barcode is located on the top right corner of the album back cover and reads:
5 099924 042635

 Inside pages of the gatefold cover:

The inside pages of the gatefold cover contains photos of Iron Maiden on Stage

 Original Inner Sleeve:

The album has two inner sleeves. The first inner sleeve has photos, lyrics of the songs and a writing by Martin Birch explaining the technicalities of making this live recording.
The second inner sleeve also has photos and lyrics of the songs and a summary of the production details of this album

Transcript of the liner notes on the first inner sleeve

the album was molded over 4 nights at Hammersmith Odeon, London. England (October 8, 9. 10 and 12 1984) and 4 nights at long Beach Arena. los Angeles, USA (Match 14, 15, 16 and 11 1985)
Sides 1, 2, and 3 were worded at long Beach Side 4 was recorded at Hammersmith

Recording Credits Hammersmith
Recording facility Rolling Stones Mobile
Assistant Engineers Mick McKenna, Charlie McPherson
long Beach Recording facility: Record Plant Mobile No .3
Engineer Ricky Delano
Second Engineer Nick (Deemer) Bach Crew Craig Engel, Robert Winder, Mark Eshelman Reed at Record Plant Studio A, los Angeles, July 8 August 3. 1985 Second Engineer. Nick (Still Beaming) Basich All recordings on Ampex 456 tape Mastered at. Capital Records. Hollywood. CA Mastering Engineer Wally Iraugon

Live Recording Thoughts by Martin Birch The first live album I ever recorded was Deep Purple's 'Made in Japan' in 1972 the first thing you decide is, naturally. which concerts to record to be cost effective, it's often best to record in major cities where there is good access to top class mobile studios this saves very expensive travel and accommodation costs, and also major city venues are usually more experienced with live recordings so the stall are generally more amenable and helpful Also, it helps it the band are able to play multiple dates at the hall, so then you can set up the first day and leave everything- and even make slight adjustments day to day to enhance the sound as you go on as the sound in the hall is more or less the same every day therefore, Maiden'st our,night engagements at both Hammersmith and long Beach were ideal. Next you choose the recording facility. I've used the Rolling Stones Mobile on many occasions before and have found it very well designed and gets great sound. Also, I know the mobile UM well so that also makes life easier and leads to better results Although I've used Record Plant Studios on a number of occasions, I've never used a mobile in On checking the technical data, sound the Record Plant Mobile to be of excellent technical Quality for example, it has an API Custom Board, one of the best there is. and one of only three in the world Also, I know a couple of the engineers , so again that helped. Next you order all the microphones. Recording mikes are far more sensitive than mikes used on the road as they don't need to stand up to the rigours of touring. I usually select a wide range and try out different combinations at the sound check to get the best overall effect !hen you wait for the big day. The mobile arrives early and the crew start wiring. Ifs usually parked near the backstage door where access to the stage is best The band put their equipment in very early in the morning usually about 6 am, so we can have a good, long sound check from about 1 pm to make sure everything is perfect. Come showtime, it's heads down and we go We record onto two multi tracks, so nothing is missed when there are tape changes, and also do a simultaneous mix onto 1/4 tape for a reference I decided to mix at Record Plant because I know the studio and its sound well, and the equipment is top notch with all mod cons, especially the desk - a Solid State logic St 4000E, made in Oxford, England. Once the tracks to go on the album are selected by the band and myself, we start mixing. I usually start about 1 pm and work through to one or two in the morning depending on how far I've got, existing on junk food imported from various sleety Hollywood mints When the mixing is finished and approved by the band, we master it, checking the Ell's and making final slight sound adjustments. Cutting Maiden albums is often difficult, as they tend to give you tans great value by putting about 25 minutes of music on each side, whereas an album side normally tuns between 16 and 20 minutes. This gives the tuning engineer great problems in getting all the grooves in without losing volume and clarity. However, the best can do it, and we only use the best the cut then goes to the factory and we get test pressings of the album a few days later The band and myself check these, and then the real is on its way. Hope you enjoy it Martin Birch

Transcript of the liner notes on the second inner sleeve:

Sleeve Illustration: Derek "R.I.P." Riggs
All Photos: Ross "Mr. Manners" Halfin
Sleeve Concept: Derek Riggs and Rod Smallwood
Sleeve Design: Steve "Krusher" Joule
Sleeve Preparation:Artful Dodgers

Iron Maiden are managed by Rod "The Raiders" Smallwood for Sanctuary Music (Overseas) Ltd. and Andy "L.B.C." Taylor for Sanctuary Music Ltd. All toles published by /omba MUSIC Publishers lid except' published by Chadwick banns ltd Used by kind permission Special thanks to:
Sanctuary people 'ern Berg, Bill lolor, Rob land, Cab Paige, Chris Ambler Emu Whiny Ralph Simon, Clive Calder, Rochelle and Jan at /oda Kerrang Masa Sob and the Bonnets all our guests - Waysted, Accept, Motley Crue, twisted Sister, Ilueensoche WASP, Warrior, RaH, Mamas Boys Chris and Rose at Record Plant Howard Junes Bill Edon/ Keith MOM f C Patrick McKenna George Bodnar Vic Vella Roll Hammer. Tommy and Debbie Beal (Ihe Aces High Gang) Linda and Studio Master Chicago Mutants for courage beyond the call of duty Andy Strange Rabbi M Volons Barbara at Pan Ant Irevor Searle Gary Bushell for a great book Melbourne E.0 Pat Cash and Ian "Barkers' Barclay Doc Cardwell

A Special Thanks to you fans around the world for making "The World Slavery Tour' and the recording of this album so special.

IRON MAIDEN INFORMATION Send stamped addressed envelope or international reply coupon to
For North and South America) P.O. Box 4803, Macon GA 31200 4016, USA
(For Rest of World) P.O. Box 391, London W4 2l/
Also Available. Live After Death (World Slavery Tour 85) 85 min HiFi Video Cassette filmed live at long Beach Arena, California and featuring the full U.S. Tour Production.


At center of label right: 1C 164 - 24 0426 1

Below the center hole:

LC 0542 Produced. Engineerd, and Mixed by: Martin "Live Animal" Birch

All titles published by Zomba Music Publishers Ltd

1985 Original Sound Recordings made by EMI Records Ltd
1985 Iron Maiden (Holdings) Ltd
Text in the rim of the label is in German and English , near 9 o'clock it reads "Made in EEC

Music Genre:
British Heavy Metal / NWOBHM  
Production information:

The album: "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) " was produced by: Martin "Live Animal" Birch

  Martin Birch - a British Producer, Sound and Mixing Engineer. In the late 1960s until the end of the 1970s he has worked with British music bands like: "Fleetwood Mac", Rainbow , " Deep Purple " (11 Albums), "Wishbone Ash", Whitesnake , "Jon Lord", " Black Sabbath ". In the 1980s (until 1992) he was dedicated working with "Iron Maiden" (9 Albums) . Martin Birch has used many different nicknames.

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Ricky Delena, Charlie McPherson, Mick McKenna, Wally Traugott, Nick Basich

This album was recorded live at: Hammersmith Odeon, Long Beach Arena

Album cover design: Derek "R.I.P." Riggs

  Derek Riggs is a contemporary British artist best known for creating the band Iron Maiden's mascot, "Eddie". He has used several nicknames. On "Iron Maiden's" "Piece of Mind" he used Derek "Dr Death" Riggs

Album cover photography: Ross "Mr. Manners" Halfin.

  Ross Halfin a British Photographer starting his career in the 1970s photographing many of the punk bands. Later he relocated to the USA and photographed many rock and metal bands from AC/DC to UFO, including "Black Sabbath", Aerosmith, "Iron Maiden" and many others.

Label Information:
EMI 1C 2LP 162 24 0426 3
Media Format:
2x 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 460 gram  
Year & Country:
1985 EU

High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) "

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet) 

Album Back Cover  Photo of "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) "

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)  

Photos of two pages  of "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death Booklet "

IRON MAIDEN Live After Death

IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 

Photos of the inside gatefold cover   of "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death" Album

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet) 

Photo of "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) " Album's Inner Sleeve  

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet) 

Photo of "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) " 12" LP Records

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)

A0357 Iron Maiden Live After Death 2LP (Incl Booklet)  

Note: the above pictures are photos of the actual album and allow you to judge the quality of cover. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash. The quality of these images has been reduced in order to preserve network bandwidth, high quality images of these scans can be made available on request

Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU)

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Bass – Steve Harris

      Steve Harris (Bass player) is founder of the British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) "Iron Maiden" in 1975 and has been Mr "Iron Maiden" since.

  • Drums – Nicko McBrain (ex-Streetwalkers band, ex-Pat Travers, ex-Trust (France) )

      Nicko McBrain (real-name: Michael Henry McBrain) played drums with the French "Trust" band from 1980-1982, before joining "Iron Maiden" in 1982.

  • Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Adrian Smith (ex-Urchin) , Dave Murray (ex-Urchin, ex-Stone Free )

      Adrian Smith - Guitarist with the British Heavy Metal band "Iron Maiden" . Adrian Smith" started his musical career in the Urchin band and performed with "Iron Maiden" from 1980 until Today with several breaks in between.

      Before joining the "Iron Maiden" band, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray played together in the "Stone Free" and "Urchin" band.

      Dave Murray a British Guitarist known for playing in "Iron Maiden". Before joining the "Iron Maiden" band, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray played together in the "Stone Free" and "Urchin" band.

  • Vocals – Bruce Dickinson

      Bruce Dickinson (real-name: Paul Bruce Dickinson") a famous British Rock and Heavy Metal singer, who has been lead vocals in bands like "Iron Maiden", Samson, Speed, Styx and other bands. During his career he has used different aliases like "Bruce Bruce" or "Bruce Dickinson". Here is a summary of his career.

Complete Track-listing of the album "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) "

The detailed tracklist of this record "IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 2LP (incl. Booklet) (EU) " is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Intro:
  2. Churchill's Speech
  3. Aces High
  4. 2 Minutes to Midnight
  5. The Trooper
  6. Revelations
  7. Flight of Icarus
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  2. Powerslave
  3. The Number of the Beast
    Track-listing Side Three:
  1. Hallowed by thy Name
  3. Run to the Hills
  4. Running Free
    Track-listing Side Four:
  1. Wrathchild
  2. 22 Acacia Avenue
  3. Children of the Damned
  4. Die with your boots on
  5. Phantom of the Opera


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