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HALLOWS EVE Complete Discography

"Hallows Eve" was founded on Halloween in 1983 by Dave Stewart, Tommy Sewart, Skullator and Stacy Anderson. The band name is a name for this American holiday. .



1984 was the demo "Tales of Terror" and soon after a rehearsal recording. Posted a sampler (Metal Merchants) for the compilation "Metal Massacre" followed 6th The label "Metal Blade" , the band under contract. In 1985, the album "Tales of Terror". Ronny Apoldt played the drummer, because Tym Helton has just been hit by a truck and was in hospital. The album contains speed /thrash metal, but also contains the melodic. The production suffered from time and budget constraints. The essays deal with horror - and science fiction themes. The album is well received by the scene, a tour with Slayer , Exodus and Nasty Savage followed

Hallow's Eve complete Terror LP discography

Metal Blade Records RR 9676
Hallows Eve LP Discography
Hallows Eve - Death and Insanity 1986 Holland
Hallow's Eve - Monument
Hallow's Eve - Monument    
Hallow's Eve - Tales of Terror
Hallow's Eve - Tales of Terror    
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