Eloy Time to Turn 12" Vinyl LP


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Music Genre:
German Progressive Symphonic Space Rock Music
Collector Notes:
Gatefold (FOC) cover design. This album includes the original t custom inner sleeve with album details in both English and Germany
Album  Production information:

Produced by Frank Bornemann and Eloy

  Frank Bornemann a multi-talent singer, guitarist, music producer and sound engineer from Germany. Founder of the Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, Germany and best known as lead singer in the German Progressive Rock/Space Rock band "ELOY". During the 1980s he has worked on albums for bands like: Czakan, Eloy, Heaven's Gate, Scanner, Sodom , Steeler and others.

Album cover Illustration: Rodney Matthews

  Rodney Matthews - a British illustrator and conceptual designer of fantasy and science fiction. He has illustrated at least four dozen of hard rock and heavy metal album covers.


Label Information:
Harvest 1C 064-46 548
Media Format:
12" LP Gatefold cover
Year & Country:
1982 Made in Germany

Band Members and Musicians on: Eloy Time to Turn

    Eloy's Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Frank Bornemann
  • Klaus-Peter Matziol
  • Hannes Arkona
  • Fritz Randow

Track Listing of: Eloy Time to Turn

    Side One:
  • Through a Somber Galaxy
  • Behind the Walls of Imagination
  • Magic Mirrors
  • Time To Turn

    Side Two:
  • End of an Odyssey
  • The Flash
  • Say, is it Really True

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