Deep Purple Stormbringer Italy

Album cover photos of : Deep Purple Stormbringer

High Resolution # Photo DEEP PURPLE Stormbringer Italy

High Resolution # Photo DEEP PURPLE Stormbringer Italy

High Resolution # Photo DEEP PURPLE Stormbringer Italy  

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Album Summary: "Stormbringer" is the ninth studio album by Deep Purple, released in December 1974. On this album, the soul and funk elements that were only hinted are much more prominent. Many fans consider Stormbringer to be a major turning point in the band, and the mark of an era's end.
Music Genre:  English Hard Rock , Early Heavy Metal, Prog Rock
Collector's info:  Lyrics of all the songs performed by Deep Purple are printed on the back of the cover
Album:  Production information:

Produced by Deep Purple

Martin Birch - Producer, Sound Engineer

  Martin Birch - a British Producer, Sound and Mixing Engineer. In the late 1960s until the end of the 1970s he has worked with British music bands like: "Fleetwood Mac", Rainbow , " Deep Purple " (11 Albums), "Wishbone Ash", Whitesnake , "Jon Lord", " Black Sabbath ". In the 1980s (until 1992) he was dedicated working with "Iron Maiden" (9 Albums) . Martin Birch has used many different nicknames.

Hans Menzel - Sound Engineer
Mack - Sound Engineer, Producer

Reinhold Mack nicknamed "Mack" and also known as "Wolfgang Mack" a German music producer and Sound Engineer and is best known for his work with bands like "Electric Light Orchestra", Queen, "Deep Purple", Rainbow and others.

Record Label:  Purple Records 3C 064-96004
Record Format: 12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 200 gram  
Year & Country  1974 Made in Italy

Band Members and Musicians on: Deep Purple Stormbringer

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers Deep Purple is:
  • David Coverdale - Lead vocals

      David Coverdale a British Hard Rock Singer best known as Lead vocalist for Whitesnake and "Deep Purple"

  • Glenn Hughes - Bass, Vocals
  • Ian Paice - Drums
  • Jon Lord (1941-2012) - Keyboards
  • Ritchie Blackmore - Lead Guitar, Producer

Track Listing of: Deep Purple Stormbringer

The Song/tracks on "Deep Purple Stormbringer" are

    Side One:
  1. Stormbringer
  2. Love Don't mean a thing
  3. Holy Man
  4. Hold On
    Side Two:
  1. Lady Double Dealer
  2. You can't do it right
  3. High Ball Shooter
  4. The Gypsy
  5. Soldier of Fortune

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