Destruction Eternal Devastation 12" Vinyl LP

Original 1st German pressing

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Eternal Devastation is the 2nd official full length album released by the German Thrash Metal band "Destruction". It was produced and engineer by Manfred "Mani" Meuner

Production details

Produced an engineered by Manfred Neuner  

Manfred Neuner (aka Mani Neuner) a producer and sound engineeer from Germany, during the 1980's he has produced and engineered around two dozen heavy metal albums.

Bernd Steinwedel - Mastering Engineer

Becker Derouet - Artwork

Intervision - Photography

Joachim Peters Schnee - Photographer

Joachim Peters Schnee - Photographer of "Crack Jaw" and all Destruction albums from 1984 until 1988.

Sebastian Krüger - Album Artwork

 Record Label:  Steamhammer SH 0046
 Record Format 12" LP  
Year & Country  1986 Made in Germany  

Album cover photos of : Destruction Eternal Devastation

Photo of Front Cover 
Destruction Eternal Devastation 
Photo of Back Cover 
Destruction Eternal Devastation 
Photo of Eternal Devastiation's record label

Destruction Eternal Devastation

Destruction Eternal Devastation 

Band Members and Musicians on: Destruction Eternal Devastation

    Destruction's Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Tommy Sandmann - Drums
  • Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer - Vocals, Bass
  • Mike Sifringer - Guitar

Track Listing of: Destruction Eternal Devastation

    Side One:
  1. Curse the Gods
  2. Confound Games
  3. Life without Sense
    Side Two:
  1. United by Hatred
  2. Eternal Ban
  3. Upcoming Devastation
  4. Confused Mind

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