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Album Description: 

"Las Chicas Del Can" is a famous and extremely successful all-female merengue group from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Originally created by Wilfrido Vargas, several teams of female vocalists and musicians have alternately performed under the name "Las Chicas del Can" throughout the group's history.

Originally founded in 1982, "Las Chicas del Can" performed hit after hit throughout the eighties, and a great number of their singles and albums achieved gold and/or platinum status. Hits such as "El Negro No Puede", "La Media María", Sukaína, "Juana la Cubana", Culeca, "Ta' Pillao", Fuego, Fiebre, and Las Pequeñas Cosas are now considered "classics" of merengue music.

Lead singer "Belkis Concepción" left the group early in its history to go solo in 1985. Singers "Míriam Cruz" (the uncrowned queen of the Merengue) and "Eunice Betances" then teamed up and got vocal support from, among others, Luchy Betances (younger sister of Eunice) and Verónica Medina. Medina herself then went solo in 1987.

Music Genre:  Dominican Merengue Bachata, Latina Chicas 
Collector's info:  Las Chicas del Can are: Ana Maria Cruz, Nancy Perez, Maria Acosta, Xioma Quelis, Vilma Frias, Zunilda Veras, Maria Teresa Dominguez, Romina Rojas, Josefina Perez, Eunices Betances, Miriam Cruz, Amaura Marinez
Production information:
Produced by Wilfrido Vargas
Label Information:  SonoTone Latin Records SO-0403
Record Format 12" Full-Length Vinyl LP 
Album weight: 210 gram  
Year & Country  1986 Made in the USA

Band Members and Musicians on: Las Chicas del Can Pegando Fuego

Track Listing of: Las Chicas del Can Pegando Fuego

The Song/tracks on "Las Chicas del Can Pegando Fuego " are

    Side One:
  • Pegando Fuego
  • La Contrabandista
  • La Hija de Nadie
  • Youlin
  • Let the Rhythm
    Side Two:
  • Tengo Ganas de Vevir
  • Zapato de Tacon Alto
  • Mientras te Amo
  • Fiebre