People in Rock music with their first name starting with the letter "W"

This web-page list people have played an important role in the evolution of rock music as musician, producer, sound engineer, mastering engieer, artwork artist, photographer or just by hanging around.

William Hames a photographer (and musician) with American/Japanese origins who has photographed dozens of Heavy Metal bands. During the late 1980s he started photographing Japanese metal bands like Anthem, Loudness and later bands like: Bow Wow, Dokken , Lääz Rockit , W.A.S.P. He continues photographing Heavy Metal bands until the early 2000s.

A chronological list of Heavy Albums photography by William Hiroshi Hames:

1987 The Show Carries On! (Live album), Anthem
1988 Lookin' for Action, Kuni
1988 No Rest for the Wicked, Ozzy Osbourne (GBR)
1988 Open Up And Say Ah, POISON (USA)
1989 Annihilation Principle, Lääz Rockit
1989 Soldier of Fortune, Loudness
1989 The Real Me (Single), W.A.S.P.
1989 You Shook Me (Single), Loudness
1990 Falling to Pieces (Single), Faith No More
1990 Mountain Top, Bow Wow
1991 Nothing $acred, Lääz Rockit (USA)
1991 On the Prowl, Dokken
1991 Streets: A Rock Opera, Savatage (USA)

  Wendy Kramer is an graphics artist working mostly for the Bland Design Group and been drawing ( since the late 1980s ) album covers for around two dozens of Heavy Metal album covers.