People in Rock music with their first name starting with the letter "T"

This web-page list people who have played an important role in the evolution of rock music as musician, producer, sound engineer, mastering engineer, artwork artist, photographer or just by hanging around.

Terry Date

  Terry Date is an American Music producer and sound recording engineer, specializing in the rock genres, specially heavy metal. He is well known for his work with Overkill , Metal Church , Slipknot, Pantera, Soulfly, White Zombie, Deftones, Dark Angel , Dream Theater, Slayer , Soundgarden and Limp Bizkit.

Ted Muelles

Ted Muelles was guitarist with AXE from the band's early beginning until 1984. He re-joined AXE when the band was resurrected in 1997.

Terry Gavaghan

  TERRY GAVAGHAN a British Guitar Player, Producer, Sound Engineer and owner of the "Guardian Studios" in Durham.

Thomas Börje Forsberg
See: Quorthon
Thomas Holm

Thomas Holm started his career as art designer in the early 1980's and has done the album covers for bands like: Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Spartan Warrior, Dark Heart. For the "King Diamond" and "Mercyful Fate" albums he has often been working together with "Thorbjorn Jorgensen".

Thorbjorn Jorgensen

Thorbjorn Jorgensen a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer and member/founder of the Studio Dzyan in Malmö. Thorbjorn has been working on all the artwork for the albums of Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, S.P.O.C.K, Lord Belial and many others. For the "King Diamond" and "Mercyful Fate" albums he has often been working together with "Thomas Holm".

Timmi "Grabber" Hansen

Timmi "Grabber" Hansen is a Danish bass player. He played in the Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate from 1981 to 1985 and from 1992 to 1993, and King Diamond from 1985 to 1987. Before joining "Mercyful Fate" TImmi Hansen performed together with Michael Denner in a band called "Danger Zone".

Todd Gordon

  Todd Gordon ( Producer ) has been (Executive) producer of several Heavy Metal albums and worked with "Daniel Lorenzo (Hades)" for the album's artwork and design. He was co-founder/owner of Torrid Records ,Scarsdale, New York ( Together with Ken Adams ).

Tom Allom

  Tom "Colonel" Allom is a British Sound Engineer and Music Producer, during the 1970s and 1980s he has worked with bands like: "Black Sabbath" , "Cobra", " Def Leppard" , "Judas Priest" , "Kix", "Krokus" , "Wolf".

Tom Araya

  Tom Araya , (real-name: Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz), lead vocals, bass guitar player was born in Viña del Mar (1961) and founding member of the American Thrash Metal band "Slayer". Tom Araya has active in Slayer since it's formatin in 1981. Before forming Slayer, Tom Araya was in a band called "Tradewinds".

  • 1980-1981 Tradewinds
  • 1982-Today Slayer
Tom Coyne

  Tom Coyne is a mastering engineer from New Jersey who has mastered dozens of Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s.

Tom Krüger

  Tom Krüger a German Producer , Sound and Mixing Engineer and musician, has worked on two dozen of German Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s. Albums he has worked on are here

    1980s Albums he was worked on, include:
  • 1985 Cry Out for Metal, Vampy (DEU)
  • 1985 Holding the Night, Midnight Darkness
  • 1985 Maniac, Maniac (AUT)
  • 1985 Speed Revolution, Vectom (DEU)
  • 1986 Creating a Monster, Gravestone (DEU)
  • 1986 Evil Is There!, Carrion
  • 1986 Fight for your Life, Tyrant (DEU)
  • 1986 Rules of Mystery, Vectom (DEU)
  • 1986 Running Hot, Tyrant (DEU)
  • 1986 Satans Defloration Incorporated, S.D.I. (DEU)
  • 1986 Stronger than Heaven Engineering, Stormwitch
  • 1986 Stronger Than Heaven, Stormwitch (DEU)
  • 1986 Time to Fight, Noisehunter (DEU)
  • 1986 TOX, TOX (DEU)
  • 1986 Under Tension, High Tension
  • 1986 Veto, Veto
  • 1986 Young Blood, Killer (CHE)
  • 1987 Ain't Misbehavin'......, Tokyo Blade (GBR)
  • 1987 Death Squad, Darkness
  • 1987 Masters of Madness, High Tension
  • 1987 Rising from the Sea, Exumer (DEU)
  • 1987 The Beauty and the Beast, Stormwitch (DEU)
  • 1988 Five Years (EP), Dark Haze
  • 1988 Necronomicon, Necronomicon (DEU, Lörrach)
  • 1988 Sign of the Wicked, S.D.I.
  • 1988 Spell of Noise, Noisehunter (DEU)
Tom Morris

  Tom Morris an American Music Producer, Sound Engineer and Singer. Together with his brothers Jim Morris, Laurel Morris owner of the Morrisound Studio. Tom Morris is probable one of the most prductive Producers and Sound Engineers with regards to the Heavy Metal music genre. Some of the bands he worked with include:Amboog-A-Lard, Atrocity, Agent Steel, Coroner, Crimson Glory, Iced Earth, Morbid Angel, Savatage, Toxik.

Tommy Hansen

  Tommy Hansen - is a producer and sound engineer from Denmark, during the 1980s he has been working at the Horus Sound Studio for Heavy Metal bands like: Heavens Gate, Helloween , Pretty Maids , Rage , S.A.D.O., Steeler , Tyran' Pace , Victory . "Tommy Hansen" and "Tommy Newton" have been working together (at Horus Sound Studio, Hannover, Germany) on the recording of Heavy Metal albums for the bands like Helloween and Victory.

Tommy Newton

  Tommy Newton is a Guitarist, Producer and Sound Engineer, as guitarist he known for playing in the bands "Fargo" and "Victory" as producer/sound engineer he is known to work with the Germany Heavy Metal band Helloween.

Tom Werman

  Tom Werman an American Music producer who has produced (during the 1980s) many hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock bands and in particular: Dokken, Junkyard, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent, Twisted Sister and many others.

Tony Iommi

  Tony Iommi is a British Guitarist best known as guitarist in the NWOBHM band "Black Sabbath", Tony Iommi started his musical career in 1967 and has played guitar is a dozen of bands. These bands are (alphabetical order) Belch, Black Sabbath , Heaven & Hell, Iommi, Jethro Tull , Mythology, The Rest, The Rockin' Chevrolets, Velvett Fogg Whocares.

Tony Martin

  Tony Martin (real-name: Anthony Philip Harford ) is a British singer best known for his performances with the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) band from 1987 until 1991 and 1993 until 1997. Tony Martin first official recording is with "Black Sabbath" 1987 album "The Eternal Idol". Other bands in which "Tony Martin" has sung in are: Bailey's Comet, Black Sabbath , Blue Murder, Candlemass (Sweden), Cozy Powell's Hammer, Empire, Giuntini Project, M3, Rondinelli, Silver Horses, The Alliance, The Bailey Brothers, The Cage, Tony Martin (Band).

Tony Platt

  Tony Platt is a British Freelance music engineer and producer. Working with many British bands, including Iron Maiden but also with the French Trust band.

Tony Wilson

  Tony Wilson ( full-name: Anthony Howard Wilson ) record label owner, music producer, nightclub manager, impresario and journalist for Granada Television and BBC Television. In the 1980s he has produced and worked on albums for bands like: Battleaxe, Deep Purple, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate