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This is a new section with an index of all persons (musicians, producers, sound engineers, photographers, artwork artists) with contributions in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (inc Black/Death/Speed/Thrash) music from the late 1970's, until early 1990's.

Neil Murray (full-name: Philip Neil Murray) one of British most experienced Bass guitar players and best known for being a member of the British Hard Rock band: "Whitesnake". Murray has also performed and recorded with Black Sabbath (GBR), Bob Marley & The Wailers, Colosseum II, Cozy Powell's Hammer, Gary Moore (GBR), Gilgamesh, Peter Green Splinter Group, The Brian May Band, Vow Wow (JPN), Whitesnake (GBR).

Neil Zlozower a Photographer who has (during the 1980s and beyond) photography several dozen of Heavy Metal bands, some of these bands include: Armored Saint, Dio, Ratt, Lääz Rockit, Poison, Bow Wow and many others.

A chronological list of Heavy Albums photography by Neil Zlozower:

1979 Overkill, Motörhead
1982 Big Game, White Lion
1982 Diver Down, Van Halen
1983 Hellion (EP), Hellion, Los Angeles
1984 City's Gonna Burn, LääZ ROCKIT (USA)
1984 March of the Saint, Armored Saint
1984 Steeler, Steeler
1984 The Last in Line, DIO
1985 Invasion of your Privacy, Ratt (USA)
1985 No Stranger to Danger, Laaz Rockit
1986 The Final Frontier, Keel
1986 To Hell with the Devil, Stryper
1987 Fire in the Rain, Masi
1987 Know Your Enemy, Lääz Rockit
1987 Raising Fear, Armored Saint
1988 In God We Trust, Stryper
1988 Keep the Fire Burning (Single), Stryper (USA)
1988 Livin' by the Sword, D.C. Lacroix
1988 Paint the Town Red, Hans Naughty
1989 Annihilation Principle, Lääz Rockit
1989 Mean Man (Maxi Single), W.A.S.P.
1989 Penikufesin EP, Anthrax
1989 Seahags (self-titled), Seahags
1990 Animal (F**K Like A Beast), W.A.S.P. (USA)
1990 Mountain Top, Bow Wow
1991 Nothing $acred, Lääz Rockit (USA)
1991 Swallow This (Live), POISON (USA)
1991 The Underworld, Evildead

Nicko McBrain (real-name: Michael Henry McBrain) played drums with the French "Trust" band from 1980-1982, before joining "Iron Maiden" in 1982.

    Timeline of Nicko McBrain's career until early 1990s:
  • 1972 Pat Travers
  • 1975-1977 - Streetwalkers
  • 1978-1979 - Stretch
  • 1980-1982 - Trust
  • 1981 - Lionheart
  • 1982-Today - Iron Maiden
  • 1985 - The Entire Population of Hackney / The Sherman Tankers

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