BURZUM - Once Emperor 12" Vinyl LP Album

Burzum began in 1991 as a prominent and influential early Norwegian black metal act by Varg Vikernes (born Kristian Vikernes). Originally, he used the pseudonym Count Grishnackh. Burzum has played a key role in the musical development of black metal. This record the rare and limited edition Rehersal '92 Recording

Burzum Once Emperor 7" single

Music Genre:

Norwegian Black/Death Metal

Record Format:

7" Single

Album cover photos of : Burzum Once Emperor

Burzum Once Emperor 7" single
Photo of "Once Emperor" Album's Back Cover  
Burzum Once Emperor 7" single  
Close-up Photo of "Once Emperor" Record Label 
Burzum Once Emperor 7" single  
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Track Listing of: "Once Emperor"

The Songs/tracks on "Once Emperor" are

    Side One:
  • Once Emperor
    Side Two:
  • Black Spell of Destruction

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