Barrabás ( SPAIN ) Vinyl DISCOGRAPHY

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
Barclay 200.418

Barrabás - Bestial

Bestial is the 1982 music album by the Spanish group Barrabás. It was the band's eighth and penultimate album, and the last to feature several members including long-time vocalist José Luís Tejada.

1982 France
Hansa 204 435

Barrabás - Piel de Barrabás 1981 Germany
RCA Victor LSP 10487 /
3G3VPS 2019

Barrabás - Power 1972 Spain
Ariola 87.912
Barrabás - Soltad a Barrabas
Barrabás - Soltad a Barrabas   Spain
RCA Victor 443.043
Barrabas - Wild Safari (Afro Soul) 1972 France