Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears


Album Summary: A compilation album of the Best of Aphrodite's Child between 1968-1969
Music Genre:
Psych, Acid, Rock
Label:  Fontana 6420 006 (6420006)
Format:  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
 Country  Made in Germany

Track Listing of: Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears

    Side One:
  1. Rain and Tears
  2. Let Me Love, Let Me Live
  3. I Want To Live
  4. Magic Mirror
  5. The Shepherd and the Moon
  6. It's Five O'Clock
    Side Two:
  1. Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall
  2. Good Time, So Fine
  3. The Grass is No Green
  4. Funky Mary
  5. End of the World

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