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"The Halls of Eternity" is Ancient's fourth full-length release. The cover-art is airbrushed by Perre, a Flemish airbrush artist. This is the first album to feature Aphazel, as band's vocalist. He recorded almost the entire album himself, except for drums, female vocals and guest appearance by Jesus Christ! on one song. Jesus Christ! was a member of the band, but he wasn't able to attend the recording process.

Music Genre:  Norwegian Black Metal 
Album Production information:

The album: "ANCIENT - Halls of Eternity" was produced by: Ancient

Album cover art by Perre

Record Label:  Metal Blade Records
Packaging Format: Jewelcase CD
Country  Germany

Band Members and Musicians on: ANCIENT - Halls of Eternity

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Aphazel - lead vocals, all guitars, bass and keyboards (except I, Madman)
  • Deadly Kristin - female vocals
  • Krigse - drums
  • Jesus Christ! - guitar, bass, keyboards and spoken word on I, Madman

Track Listing of: "ANCIENT - Halls of Eternity"

The Songs/tracks on "ANCIENT - Halls of Eternity" are

  1. "Cast Into the Unfathomed Deeps" - 1:56
  2. "Born in Flames" - 3:59
  3. "The Battle of the Ancient Warriors" - 5:24
  4. "A Woeful Summoning" - 7:00
  5. "Cosmic Exile" - 4:28
  6. "Spiritual Supremacy" - 5:12
  7. "The Heritage" - 8:12
  8. "I, Madman" - 6:04
  9. "From Behind Comes The Sword" - 4:45
  10. "The Halls Of Eternity" - 9:38
  11. "Arrival" - 4:48
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