Alice Cooper Killer Palm Trees 12" VInyl LP

Music Genre:
Hard Rock Music
 Collector's info: 

The album: "ALICE COOPER - Killer " was produced by: Bob Ezrin , Jack Richardson

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Brian Christian, Randy Kling, Joe Lopees

This album was recorded at: RCA Chicago

Boa Constrictor: Kachina

Album design: Alice Cooper

Album cover photography: Peter Turner

Label Information:
Warner Bros, Records WB 46 121 (46121)
Media Format:
12" LP 150 grams vinyl
Year & Country:
1971 Made in Germany

Album cover photos of : Alice Cooper Killer

Alice Cooper Killer 12" VInyl LP  
Photo of Album's Back Cover  

Alice Cooper Killer 12" VInyl LP

Alice Cooper Killer 12" VInyl LP  

Track Listing of: Alice Cooper Killer

    Side One:
  1. Under my Wheels
  2. Be My Lover
  3. Halo of Flies
  4. Desperado
    Side Two:
  1. You Drive Me Nervous
  2. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  3. Dead Babies
  4. Killer

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