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RoadrunneR RR 125517

Price 17.99€

EARTHSHAKER - Blondie Girl (1983)

This mini-album "Blondie Girl" by the Japanese Heavy Metal band: "Earthshaker" contains two studio tracks ("Blondie GIrl", "I Need The Woman"= and two live tracks ("Earthshaker", "Marionette").The Live tracks have been recorded 17 August 1983 at Shibuya Koukaido.

Roadrunner Records – RR 9858

Price 9.95€

EARTHSHAKER - Fugitive (1984, Netherlands)

RoadrunneR 9809

Price 17.95€

EARTHSHAKER - Midnight Flight (1984, Holland)

"Midnight Flight" is the third album released by the Japanese Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band "Earthshaker". The album was produced by "Masa Itoh". It was recorded from 3 until 17 July at "The Automatt". Sound engineers are "Ken Kessie" and "Ray Pyle". Album design and artwork was done by "Masatgugu "Max" Takahashi".


Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8372

Price 29.95€

E.F. Band - One Night Stand Skull (1985, Belgium)

E.F. Band was formed in 1978 in Sweden and moved in 1979 to the , thus taking part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) . "One Night Stand" is their 3rd full-length album and was released in 1985.

Electrola Harvest 1C 072-29 479

Price 39.99€


ELOY - Inside (1973)

is the second album by German progressive rock band Eloy. It was originally released in 1973.

Metal Blade Records – 3984-15333-1

Price 19.90€

ENTRAILS - Resurrected from the Grave

Limited to 300 copies on Tombstone Grey Vinyl.

Soulseller Records – SSR 072

Price 14.45€

ENTRAPMENT - Lamentations Of The Flesh Gatefold Cover (2014)

ENTRAPMENT is a Dutch (Netherlands) Death Metal band from the city of Groningen. "Lamentations of the Flesh" is their 2nd Full Length album.

High Roller Records – HRR 441

Price 12.99€

EVO/ALGY - Damned Unto Death (2015)

Evo (ex-Warfare) and Algy Ward (ex-Tank, ex-Damned, ex-The Saints) join their punk metal forces into this album

Music For Nations RR 9782

Price 21.95€

EXCITER - Long Live the Loud (1985, Holland)

This album "Long live the loud" by "Exciter" has been produced by "Guy Bidmead" and released in 1985. It has been recorded at the Britannia Row Studios, London, during February 1985, "Guy Bidmead" and "Laura Boisseau" were responsible for the recording. The album cover was designed/drawn by Alan Craddock and the style reminds of "Boris Vallejo" works.

Roadrunner RR 9870
Exciter Violence & Force

Price 19.95€

EXCITER - Violence & Force (1983, Holland)

Violent and Force was the 2nd full length album released by the Canadian Thrash metal band: Exciter

Barricade Records PRL 70101

Price 17.99€

E-X-E - Sicker Than I Thought!

"Sicker Than I Thought!" is the second and final album by the American Thrash Metal band: E-X-E.

Download free fact sheet with summary of information of "E-X-E - Sicker Than I Thought!"

1990 Netherlands
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